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the_rhq's Journal

Robbit Headquarters
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The time: Sometime in the not-so-distant future

The place: Somewhere on the east coast, in a unamed metropolis filled to the brim with bad guys, confetti, and of course the robbits.

The plot: No one really knows for sure. As in real life, one cannot know what the next day will bring.

I dunno just felt like being provacative and wise sounding. Hi, I'm Laura, otherwise known as Cali, otherwise known as blackbutterfli. pipsi_stick and I maintain this community. Its still a baby but hopefully if everyone likes the idea we will soon have fourteen members! Just basically another branch of wargs, this is where we play out the brainchild of pipsi_stick's and elvenpaw's and make it our own.

There is only really one rule: Take turns, and only post plot advancements in a top level post. Ok thats two rules, silly me, so hehe! And they are subject to change as we all figure out whats going on.

Happy writing!

hey all! pipsi_stick here! one more thing: we go in a set order, so no one writes more often than someone else. that's my actually my obsessive compulsive disorder coming in, and not really to be fair at all. anyway. the order will be determined by the order in which you -volunteer- to write! I'll keep track of the order in here, so if you're wondering who goes next, just look!

The Order

unfortunately, we seem to have lost a few Robbits along the way... crackshot is no longer on Livejournal, alianai seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth (or internet, whichever) all together, and I think spamsizedbungee is still alive but perhaps only vaguely.